Aharonian Accounting Firm | Services
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Company Startup

To undertake with serenity Aharon and Assoc. will guide you in the steps of creation of company:

The legal framework in which you will practice will have a number of consequences on the choice of the status. This status will be defined with you according to certain criteria:

  • Nature of the activity
  • Willingness to associate
  • Protection of heritage
  • Financial commitment
  • Operation of the company
  • Credibility
  • Social coverage desired
  • Cost


Accounting services adapted to the desired level of support

  • Bookkeeping or review of your accounting (SME or NPO, Professionals, Self Employed)
  • Payroll services
  • Tax returns (Deduction at source, GST/HST ET PST)
  • Sales of accounting softwares and training
  • Preparation of annual statements (Balance sheet and profit and loss)
  • Accompaniment in the management of your company with implementation of dashboards (forecats, cost, break-even points, cash monitoring, stock taking, follow up advice, strategy)
  • Assistance in case of tax audit


Our team accompanies you in all your tax issues.

For your Business :

  • Optimize the tax situation of your company
  • Assist you in the event of an audit or litigation
  • Advise your company of the tax issues related to its activities
  • Answer all your tax questions
  • Tax returns (T2, CO-17, T3, TP646)

For your personal :

  • Consultation and tax planning
  • Income tax returns verification and filing
  • Assistance et representation with tax authorities
  • Answer all your tax questions
  • Preparation of US tax returns.

Consulting Services

  • Advice and assistance of start-ups
  • Preparation and review of business plans
  • Evaluation of Project proftibility
  • Implantation of accounting systems and training
  • Advice and consulting